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On 1/1/2018, HealthPass will update its Oscar portfolio with new plans at lower price points. Any Oscar member that enrolled in a plan on 9/1/2017 or later is invited to review and enroll into the new 2018 Oscar plan offerings. If Oscar members are satisfied with their coverage, then no change will need to be made and they can remain enrolled in their current plan.

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September Five Boroughs & WestchesterSeptember Nassau & SuffolkSeptember RocklandOctober - December Five Boroughs & WestchesterOctober - December Nassau & SuffolkOctober - December RocklandEnrollment Change Form

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General Special Open Enrollment Questions

When can I enroll in a new plan?

Each of the special open enrollment periods (CareConnect and Oscar) will span from 12/14/17 – 1/2/18.

Oscar Special Open Enrollment

Who is eligible for the Oscar Special Open Enrollment Period?

All Oscar members will have the option to participate in the 1/1/2018 special open enrollment period

Can I enroll in any health plan during this special open enrollment period?

Oscar members will only be permitted to enroll into another Oscar. Both 2017 and 2018 Oscar plan offerings will be available to choose from during this period.

What should I do if I want to keep my current plan?

Oscar members who do not wish to change their plan will remain actively enrolled in their current Oscar plan until the group’s regularly scheduled 2018 renewal.

Am I able to make any other changes to my current insurance plans?

No, this special open enrollment period is for health plan changes only.